The 1st Asia Tour [Into The New World] Taipei (Taiwan) – Concert Goods


Update (20101107): Links to Concert Towel and Blanket on eBay! (Seller: jane678s)
Update (20101013): Links to relevant catalogue posts of certain goodies are up. Shirt free size is M.
Update (20101012): Pictures of the new concert goodies are now available (Thanks to Tom!) / there is a change in the USB – 2GB to 4GB

Details on the goods to be sold at the Taipei (Taiwan) venue for SNSD’s 1st Asia Tour have been announced. There will be an exclusive item only available at the venue – Official Luggae Tag/Nametag. Also limitations will be enforced on the number of goods each person can buy. Check out our translation by staff member, Tom885, below:

Note : This is a rough translation

-Fans attending the Taipei Concert in Taiwan on October 16th and October 17th can purchase concert goodies at the booths from 11:00 – 20:00/23:00. These goodies will be available until the end of the Taiwan Concert Tour (Oct.17@23:00)

– Due to the limited quantity of the concert goodies, each person is only allowed to purchase a maximum quantity of 10 per concert items and only 1 for the exclusive items (tumbler & blanket)

– There will be no exchange/return on items (with the exception of defective items)

– They will start handing out numbers at 9:30 for both days (they do not recommend fans to line-up overnight)

– For fans that are only interested in purchasing the official light-stick, there is an express booth right in front of Starbucks (I assume it is in some mall near the venue). Each ticket-holder can only purchase a maximum of 2 light-sticks (and you will have to show your ticket)

– A list of Concert Goodies:
Official Concert Poster Set (x9 posters along with a Poster Tube) – NTD980

Official Concert Bromide (x9 bromide, A4 size) – NTD430

Official Concert 3D Files (x2) – NTD430

Official Concert 4GB USB (Credit Card size): NTD1050

Official Concert Lightstick (*Fan-meeting version): NTD250

Official Concert T-shirt (only 1 kind, free size M): NTD990

Official Concert Towel: NTD450

Official Concert blanket (A limited quantity of 600! maximum of 1 per person): NTD890

Official Concert cell-phone charms (A,B,C Version, each version contains 3 members): NTD690

Official Concert tumbler (A limited quantity of 300! maximum of 1 per person): NTD490

Official Concert luggage tag/nametag (**Exclusive product for the Taipei Tour): NTD320

Note: USD$1  is ~NTD$31


● 週邊商品的販賣時間為
10/16(六) 南口(全系列周邊攤位):11:00~23:00
10/17(日) 南口(全系列周邊攤位):11:00~20:00

● 週邊商品之現場販賣預計自10/16.17當天上午11點開始至演唱會結束為止。

● 當天現場之週邊商品數量有限,售完為止。每人每樣商品限購10件,但特別限定商品(毛毯/杯子)則每人限購1件。

● 請自備零錢,商品數量及金額請於現場點清一旦離開恕不受理。

● 除瑕疵品外恕不接受退換貨。





海報組(附海報桶): NTD980 ※9張海報附海報桶。
迷你海報場刊組: NTD430 ※共9張A4海報。
少女時代3D資料夾: NTD430 ※內含2款資料夾(卡通/真人)。
少女時代卡片型2G USB: NTD1050 ※信用卡尺寸2G USB隨身碟。
少女時代官方螢光棒: NTD250 ※韓國少時FANMEETING指定版。
少女時代T恤: NTD990 ※共1款,FREE尺寸。
少女時代應援毛巾: NTD450。
少女時代限量毛毯: NTD890 ※限量600件,1人限購1件。
少女時代手機鍊: NTD690 ※共有A.B.C三種組合可選擇,每組含三款手機吊飾。
(A款為泰妍、秀英、孝淵,B款潤娥、徐玄、Sunny ,C款Jessica、Tiffany、俞利)
少女時代隨行杯: NTD490 ※限量300個,1人限購1個。
少女時代行李吊牌: NTD320 ※台北場特別企劃商品。

超級圓頂工作人員 2010.10.08


Translated by  -Tom885 @
[Please credit if taken out of SoshiCatalogue]


14 Responses to The 1st Asia Tour [Into The New World] Taipei (Taiwan) – Concert Goods

  1. WWWOOOOWWWW taiwanese sones are SO LUCKY. so many goodies to choose from. gosh i hope someone will be selling them on ebay~

  2. Tom says:

    It mostly the same stuff and actually priced higher than before. It might be hard to get anything because I am sure there will be some Taiwanese people who try to line up overnight even though they say not too. If anyone want I can try to pick up some non-limited stuff for you for no extra charge (just the price of the item and shipping), since I will try to get some stuff anyway.

    • kong says:

      could you help me to buy some things?my email is

    • luvfany says:

      Hi how to contact you if i want to buy some stuff….

      • Tom says:

        My MSN is

  3. kong says:

    does anyone knows what is the concert nametag for or how it looks like?

  4. Tom says:

    This is in Chinese, but you can look at the pictures of the items.

  5. SeoHyun91 says:

    Tom…If i wanna ask to u to help me buy some stuff, how should i contact or pay u?

    • Tom says:

      My MSN is
      Paypal will be the easiest way.
      Total Cost will be:
      Total cost of the Items You Buy + Shipping Cost + Paypal Fee for me to receive money (If there is any, I will call tomorrow to see).
      I am not making any money, just helping out another SONE.

      • Tom says:

        Please don’t send me money until we talk on email or MSN.
        This email is not my paypal account.

  6. addy_ami says:

    owh dearest brother Tom..
    you sure have so many customer

  7. Tom says:

    If you ask me to buy stuff, please send me your address and what you ask me to buy. I will tell you the shipping rate. I think I got the stuff you asked.

  8. just received my luggage tag from Tom– IT IS ADORABLE!!!

  9. B. says:

    Hi Tom~ can u help me to buy some stuff now ? i saw some taiwan site ‘s selling it ^^

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