SM Town Live ’10 World Tour – SM Town T-Shirt (Unisex)

Release Date: 21 August 2010

Publisher: SM Entertainment

-Sold at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, the venue of SM Town Live ’10 World Tour in Seoul
-Apparently made by SPAO, or maybe that thing at the back is a smokescreen
-Free size; unisex

Korea: KRW 10000 (SM Town Concert Merchandise Stand)
Malaysia: RM 185 (Mystar)

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30 Responses to SM Town Live ’10 World Tour – SM Town T-Shirt (Unisex)

  1. Allyssa says:

    SMTOWN didnt sell the shirts at LA concert. Do you know of a place that I could purchase a shirt? I know that yesasia does not have them there. So I was wondering if you would be able to suggest a place to purchase one, I greatly appreciate any help.

    Thank you in advanced.

    – Allyssa

    • owa1985 says:

      They didn’t? That’s… sad. So far the only source I know of was the Korean SM Town where they only took out those shirts for sale to the public at the venue. Apparently many retailers tried to get some direct from the supplier, but couldn’t.

      • wendyy22 says:

        the funny thing is that the shirts weren’t shown on the banners that had pictures of what the stands were selling at the concert in South Korea. aw i was hoping to get one too 😦

    • Anna says:

      You sure they didn’t sell it? I saw some people after the concert with some o__O Unless they bought it somewhere else.

  2. owa1985 says:

    I know, right? The price has skyrocketed after just 2 days of going on sale in Mystar. On the day I went to get it, it was RM130. The same Saturday it has gone up to RM185 because apparently they were then selling stock gotten from other retailers who, as a favour sold them some of their stock.

    • SebStrife says:

      what is the web address?

      • Minyoungiee says:

        i was able to buy it just recently, in MyStar o_O but it was already 200RM o_o but yeah i bought it, there were 2 left, luckily for me and my sister :)) haha.

        the sizes are only Male and Female. O_O no specific size XD

  3. Hana says:

    Is there any way to purchase one? :\

  4. momo says:

    OMG, I’ve been trying desperately to buy this too! Can anyone tell me the website for Mystar? And if they sell/ship to people outside of Malaysia? Thanks so much in advance!

  5. Park Yeon Hyo says:

    @owa1985 is the one that mystar in malaysia sell is the original ? i mean they shipped the tees from seoul ? or it is a replica ?thanks ! and can i buy it online with mystar ? sorry i’m not malaysian 🙂 so i asked you so many question 😀

    • Minyoungiee says:

      It’s original 😀 haha. as far as i know, they don’t ship, i went there last March, i went to watch ss3, then my friends told me about the place, and i went there. haha. luckily they still had stocks for it. but it was around 200RM already o_o

  6. Anna says:

    where do i find this mystar person? I want one SO BAD.

  7. momo says:

    I just contacted Mystar in Malaysia, and sadly (for us, but good for them)………they are sold out!

    If anyone knows how to get one of these shirts, please leave advice here! Thanks!

  8. marco says:

    these shirts were passed out for free at LA sm town

  9. 해_별 says:

    why is it soo expensive!! im soo shocked!!

    i bought it in Seoul for like 10,000won!

    omg.. o.O

  10. Ricky says:

    where did you buy in Seoul…? i really want one…

  11. Chee Kai says:

    i bought it in Seoul. its only sold in the SPAO booth at SMTOWN 2010 Seoul.

    there’s no Male or Female. Unisex shirt.
    and no, i dun have any spare to sell. sold them off alr.

  12. Sarah says:

    WHERE CAN I BUY ONE?? I went to the concert but i couldn’t find any… 😦

  13. Marie says:

    I would like to order one, contact me! Tks!

  14. yongjing says:

    do u noe where can i purchase this shirt? im in singapore

  15. Michael'le says:

    Are u selling this?

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