TRAX Mini Album Vol. 2 – Promo Poster #2

Release Date: August 2010

Publisher: SM Entertainment

-Promotional poster for TRAX’s Mini Album Vol. 2
-Features Seohyun of SNSD
-Not difficult to find, would not be rare in South Korea since this promotion poster is relatively new, limited
-Printed on matte paper
-Size: 63 cm x 92 cm


USD $18.99/$7.70 shipping @ jace0337
If bought with Mini Album Vol. 2:
USD $15.99/$4.50 shipping (folded posters) @ sonata_uk (1 out of 2 promo poster ft. Seohyun & 1 Mini Album poster)
USD $11.99/$9.99 shipping (tubed posters) or $6.99 (folded posters) @ grapemusiccd (1 out of 2 promo poster ft. Seohyun & 1 Mini Album poster)

Image credits: bestiz, snsdbaidu

For our catalogue post on Seohyun’s special appearance in TRAX’s Mini Album Vol. 2, click “Oh! My Goddess“.

5 Responses to TRAX Mini Album Vol. 2 – Promo Poster #2

  1. koreanheartthrob says:

    I got all 3 posters for $35 at a store in the city ^_^
    The poster that’s featured in this post, I bought it for $10.
    Ebay is so expensive ==’

  2. koreanheartthrob says:

    ahhh I’m from Sydney, Australia (:
    I bought my posters at a store called Rong Bao Tang
    They have an online store, but the posters aren’t featured in there:
    I actually prefer buying stuff up front, so if there’s any kpop lovers in Australia there’s a store in Sydney and Melbourne ^_^

    • iced_tea says:

      i know that shop ^^ i don’t shop there much but wow they stock things like this too? thanks for the tip. how much are the posters each?

  3. koreanheartthrob says:

    Ahhhh you’re an aussie sone?! 😀
    What a coincidence! ^_^
    LOL they had like 3 large ones on display so you can’t miss it :L
    Well I got the last one for this one:
    but you can ask the dude to take the one on display. I don’t think its damaged though 🙂
    It was $15 btw ^_^
    For the other two promotional posters they were both $10!
    Pretty cheap if you ask me, because they’re pretty big =D
    I can’t put any of my posters up yet because my bedroom hasn’t been finalised 😦
    I hope that helps you iced_tea (:

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