TRAX – Mini Album Vol. 2

Seohyun’s made a special appearance for TRAX’s comeback in their Mini Album Vol. 2! Although she isn’t a featured artist in their mini album stars in the group’s MV for their new song “Oh! My Goddess” (오! 나의 여신님). With this as my excuse, I’m going to count TRAX’s new mini album as SoShi related merchandise. Plus, both SNSD and TRAX are under the same company, SM Entertainment so it’s nice to see labelmates supporting each other. Love for the SM Town family! 🙂

Release Date: September 6, 2010

Label: SM Entertainment

Catalogue #: SMCD-206

-None of the tracks in this album have SNSD featured as guest artists
-However, Seohyun is featured in the MV for the title track “Oh! My Goddess” (오! 나의 여신님)
-For certain sellers you will receive 1 out of 2 random posters of Seohyun (click herehere) and 1 poster similar to the mini-album cover (click here)
-See below for poster images

Language: Korean


USD $11.99/free shipping @ (posters not inc.)
USD $9.044/$8.59 @ (posters not inc.)
USD $12.575/$8.59 (tubed posters) @ (only Mini Album cover poster inc.)

USD $15.99/$4.50 shipping (folded posters) @ sonata_uk (both posters inc.)
USD $11.99/$9.99 shipping (tubed posters) or $6.99 (folded posters) @ grapemusiccd (both posters inc.)
USD $11.90/$2.99 shipping @ pandoramusic
USD $11.99/$2.99 shipping @ music-picture
USD $13.90 (folded posters) or $17.90 (tubed posters)/$5.90 shipping @ 19522430 (both posters inc.)

Price when altered:

01. 오! 나의 여신님
02. Let’s Play
03. 자기야
04. Rush
05. 없는 사람
06. 태양의 노래


Image credits: Yurui’s World in egloos, DVDHeaven, as tagged
Video credits: sment@youtube


2 Responses to TRAX – Mini Album Vol. 2

  1. are the posters available for sale? my goodness, seobaby is all grown up now !

    • wendyy22 says:

      we’re not sure if the mini album will come with a poster. if it does we will update this post asap. the poster photos above are only promotional and not for sale unfortunately 😦 i would definitely love one too.

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