SM Town Live ’10 World Tour Official Goods

Update 2 [21.9.10]:
YesAsia has restocked concert goods!
Update 1: DVDHeaven is out of stock for all goods. Official goods were sold at the Shanghai venue for the concert! Check out Taeyeon Gallery for pictures.

I know everyone wants to get their hands on a piece of SM Town Live ’10 Official Goods related to SoShi and here’s a summary post of all known items that were sold at Seoul Olympic Stadium on August 21. No goods were sold at the LA venue BUT they were sold at the Shanghai venue. So we’re back to our prediction that they will be sold at the other venues. We think that there were restrictions at the LA venue which prevented SME from selling the merch.

owa1985 has recently splurged on the entire set of items from his regular shop in Malaysia. If you are looking to own all of them (In Malaysia), be prepared to shell out RM 750 for the whole lot. Due to the unexpected demand for the items, though, the SM Town items have since gone out of stock and said regular shop is now gone to selling stock they got from the other retailers. The current price for the whole set is RM 900 and that’s probably a conservative estimate.

Without further ado:

I’ll be referring to the above pictures with regards to names unless stated otherwise. Sorry for messy arrangement of the photos below. They’re arranged in the order of the list. Most catalogue posts of the goods have more photos of the items. You must be logged into DVDHeaven to view all goods and be a special customer. You can request to be a special customer by emailing/MSN-ing the webmaster: Click on the link “SM Town_Goods” on the left side bar: click

  1. Personal Fans (9 pcs)
  2. SNSD Bromide (Poster)
  3. SM Town Bromide (Poster)
  4. SM Town Catalog
  5. SNSD Facebook
  6. This is similar to the 1st Asia Tour Bromide Set (9 pcs).

  7. SNSD Post Card Set
  8. SM Town Logo Cap
  9. SM Town Bag & Balloon
  10. I do not know whether this is for sale or can be obtained when you purchase something from the stalls.

  11. SM Town T-Shirt

Image credits: DVDHeaven, owa1985@Soshi Catalogue

62 Responses to SM Town Live ’10 World Tour Official Goods

  1. zheming says:

    Pardon me but i can’t seem to find it on DVDheaven?
    Is it like sold out or something?

    • wendyy22 says:

      oh you reminded me XD you must be logged into DVDHeaven to view all the SM Town concert goods. type in “[sm” in the search bar and they will all come up 🙂

      • zheming says:

        Thanks for the prompt reply.
        I’ve logged in and searched accordingly,but i am still not seeing any SM Town goodies.
        Am i missing out anything here?

  2. elizabeth says:

    Unfortunately it isn’t working for me either and I’ve also logged in. None of the products can be found.

    • wendyy22 says:

      this is strange. it works for me. i will ask DVDHeaven.
      btw it’s search “[sm” without the speech marks. also in the category Girls’ Generation on the side they have SM Concert goods too. try that. i’ll get back to you guys asap.

      • wendyy22 says:

        i know why now! you must be a special customer of DVDHeaven which most probably means regular customer. i never knew i was a special customer. however you can request.

        if you tell me your customer IDs (login ID) i can ask the webmaster to make you a special customer. another option is just add them on MSN or email and request yourself ^^

      • zheming says:

        Alright this works. Thanks for the info!

      • Jasmine says:

        Hello, I can’t seem to view the SM Town goods either. Can you please help me upgrade to the special customer?
        My ID is: Jazzuhsaur

      • SebStrife says:


        please can you help me too! my ID is sebstrife


  3. bgy110107 says:

    @wendyy22, if you can help me with the special customer, that would be great. ID is bgy110107

  4. elizabeth says:

    thank you so much from your quick and helpful reply! btw, this site is awesome!
    can you please request for me? my username is: edaly93
    thanks!! 🙂

  5. kong says:

    hi can you help me to request as well. my id is kongjian
    Thanks a lot!!!

  6. tom885 says:

    ^ bgy110107, elizabeth, & kong: If you guys want, you can directly e-mail the webmaster ( and ask him/her to change your status to Special Customer (that’s what I did last night and the webmaster approved in a few hours~) ^^

    • kong says:

      i have sent my request to the webmaster last night but till now it it still not approved not sure of the reason as well

  7. iheartsica says:

    @tiff 😀 cass here. i really want to become a member. My ID is yoonyuljeti, tys ^^

  8. wendyy22 says:

    hey everyone~ i’ll try to get in contact with the webmaster tonight and get back to you all. can you change your customer ID? my ID is all numbers.

  9. ofpuddingsNcucumbers says:

    Dear wendyy22,

    Hope I manage to catch you before the list’s been compiled and sent over. My login ID’s ofpuddings

    Heeded your advice and mailed the dvdheaven’s webmaster accordingly over 24 hours ago, but my request apparently hasn’t been addressed.

    Wouldn’t wish to have inconvenience your schedule otherwise. Thanks(:

    • wendyy22 says:

      No it’s ok. I didn’t compile a list. I was planning to just give all the customer IDs to the webmaster once I caught them online on MSN ^^”

      Also everyone my question “can you change your customer ID” was out of curiosity, not a request. I was just wondering. So you don’t need to change it!

      • ofpuddingsNcucumbers says:

        Grateful! Also pleased to see that yesasia’s joined the wagon too(: Always welcome the options.

  10. wendyy22 says:

    hi everyone. the webmaster hasn’t been online lately. i’ll try to catch her/him today. if you’ve already been approved pls tell me 🙂

  11. abcdefg says:

    me too please, my id is raxiel

  12. teeheex33 says:

    hi guys! good news~ I recently contacted the webmaster at dvdheaven and he has promoted everyone who listed their IDs here to special customer! enjoy ~

    “ (E-mail address not verified) says:

  13. LoverholicRobotronic says:

    I was wondering if you could request for me to be on the Special Customer list too. If you have to go out of your way, it’s alright. As long as it’s conveinient you don’t have to. Thanks a lot! Love the post.

    ID: charmianho

  14. wendyy22 says:

    @Jasmine and LoverholicRobotronic – i’ll try my best. ^^

  15. SHINee says:

    Does DVDHeaven sell the SHINee fans?

  16. SHINee says:

    I was wondering what shipping method would I use to purchase a SUJU fan from DvdHeaven?

    • iced_tea says:

      in my opinion, small packet which i believe is the cheapest one. i always choose the cheapest possible option and it arrives very quickly (4 working days).

  17. Chibichelo says:

    Hi, I’d like to ask you if you can possibly request that I may be put on the Special Customers List as well if it isn’t of an inconvenience to you. Thanks (:
    ID : chibichelo

  18. faybee says:

    hi, i have an enquiry here if you dont mind.
    i’ve recently ordered something from DvdHeaven, and they provided me with a tracking number but it doesnt seem to work ):
    do you happen to know how to use the tracking service? many thanks in advance!

    • tiff says:

      Hi, please use the following link to track your packages:
      At “Tracking Type”, make sure to choose International Registered Item. If that does not work, please try the other 2 tracking type options. If your problem is not solved.. please contact dvdheaven by email ^^ Cheers!

    • tom885 says:

      Hi faybee,

      I also have ordered some SM Town goods through dvdheaven, and I’ve just received my package today.

      I have the same problem as you (I assume you used Small Packet as well) – I cannot track my package with the tracking number that they gave me (in fact, I think that bunch of numbers is just the date that they shipped out your goodies). When I got my package today, there is a real tracking number (correct format) on the package in which it is different from the website.

      I think you can always contact the webmaster for more details about your tracking number, otherwise, you can wait for the package to come (since it is a registered parcel, it will be safely delivered to you – you’ll need to sign the parcel).

      Hope that helps and you’ll receive your goodies soon! ^^

  19. kong says:

    hi just wanted to clarify.i dont see any sm things sold on dvdheaven anymore does it mean that they are out of stock already?

  20. faybee says:

    thank you so much @tiff and @tom885, your replies were of much help 🙂 *appreciates*

    speaking of which, my items have arrived! i will say, DVDheaven is highly recommended. They took 2 days to send out my order (7 Sept) and my items arrived in less than a week. —Mr Postman said he tried to deliver my items 2 days ago but there wasn’t anyone home to sign the package. ❤ would definitely purchase from them again if there's another time

  21. faybee says:

    i forgot to add.. although i only ordered a shirt from DVDheaven, they packaged it very nicely into a carton box. & they wrapped it with lots of bubble wrap to protect my shirt (which i actually felt they didnt have to cuz its not fragile like DVDs. 🙂

  22. AAAAHHHHHH soshi goods are back in stock on yesasia. and i just spent SO MUCH money buying from an ebay seller T____T

    why yesasia WHY!?

  23. Rachel says:

    Hi! I would like to ask you if you can help me with the special customer? I would appreciate it a lot! Thanks (:
    ID : Rachel2309

  24. LISA. says:

    Hi, I was wondering what were the benefits/advantages of being a special customer at DVDheaven?

    • tiff says:

      Hi, being a special customer basically lets you see and purchase items on the site that normal customers can’t. Think of it as being a VIP ^^

  25. Loops says:

    Hey, if it’s possible, i hope you can help me with being a special customer too. Heard there were SM Town goods. My ID : SunnyYo
    Thanks much!

  26. bgy110107 says:

    Soshigoods is selling some of the SM Town items (postcards, fan, facebook)

  27. Ricky says:

    can you please help me become a special customer too…?

    ID: PrincessBoA

    thank you very much…

  28. ~Kean_Loves_SMTOWN~ says:

    .. OHMYGAWD, IF ONLY I AM THAT RICH,I CAN BUY ALL OF THAT !! .. Huhuhu is there any SCANS of those ? ? ? .. gosh I’m dying to have those !! :((

  29. Jeanlee says:

    Can someone tell me if DVDHeaven is reliable?

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