Goobne – Promo Poster #7 (9 pcs)

Release Date: July 24, 2010

Publisher: Goobne

-Promotional folded poster for Goobne Chicken
-Limited edition
-Double-sided: both sides have different images
-9 variations of the poster exist: one side of the poster is dedicated to one SNSD member while the other side has the same image
-Comes in plastic package
-Printed on thin paper
-Size: 90 cm x 31 cm

Price: USD ~$3-$20

USD $21.99/$7.99 shipping @ grapemusiccd (complete 9 poster set)
USD $3.50/$4.99 shipping @ grapemusiccd (individually)
USD $19.99/$10.00 shipping @ yoonageneration (complete 9 poster set)
USD $4.99/free shipping @ yoonageneration (Taeyeon & Yoona only) (listing has ended)

Image credits: as tagged

6 Responses to Goobne – Promo Poster #7 (9 pcs)

  1. the girls look SO CUTE for this poster… but i hate how you can’t see all 9 at once >_<

  2. SeoHyun91 says:

    Can we get this from Mystar in Malaysia?

  3. Jeti+TaeyeonSone says:

    How do we get this poster? o.o

  4. jetiislove<3 says:

    How do we get these posters in Korea? o_o” do we buy the chicken and get it? LOL. I have a friend in Korea and he’s helping me check~

    • wendyy22 says:

      yep you just buy chicken and you will get it lol you can ask for which poster too i believe. though i’m not too sure whether you have to buy a certain amount of chicken.

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