The 1st Asia Tour [Into The New World] – Cartoon Rubber Strap

Producer: Unknown

-Based on the First Asia Tour cheerleader costumes as seen in the bromides
-Has a couple of boxes to fill in Name and Address on reverse side
-There is one for every member. The pics are for Tiffany, which the author bought.
-Size: (Tiffany) 11cm from top of hat to bottom of toes x 7.2cm at widest point

Malaysia: RM 22.90 – RM 30 for 1.

About Hankit Mok
I live to tell stories. Sometimes, I get paid for them.

14 Responses to The 1st Asia Tour [Into The New World] – Cartoon Rubber Strap

  1. Xue says:

    Hi. I’m from Singapore and would like to know if it’s possible to get this and th magnetic bookmarks? Would love to get Taeyeon’s. Mind mailing me? Thanks!

    • owa1985 says:

      Heya, do you want instead Mystar’s phone number so you can correspond directly with them?

      They do international orders unofficially I think. Not sure if it’s all in bulk though. =/

      I would go as far as taking you there, but not actually mailing you orders… >.<

      I am not affiliated with them. I am just a regular. Those photos you see are my own property.

  2. cheuw says:

    annyeong. can u tell me where do u bought this? thx.. ^^

  3. cheuw says:

    no..i am indonesia..^^ is that online shop? or just phisical store?
    that strap really cutee~ i can’t find it in ebay,etc

    • owa1985 says:

      It’s a physical shop in Malaysia. So far I haven’t seen it being listed elsewhere. Sorry bro. =(

      However, if you are in Malaysia, hit me up and I will gladly show you where they are.

  4. addy_ami says:

    where is the store located at??
    I’m malaysian

  5. HI says:

    is it still selling now?

  6. HI says:

    what’s the shop name? thanks!

  7. PreciouspinK says:

    I’m a Malaysian. Where did you bought that and is it still on sale now? 🙂

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