Domino’s Pizza – Unofficial Printed Mug

Producer: Unknown

-Printed with the orange background of the Dominos Pizza identity
-They reused the SPAO numbered shirts. (Maybe they ran out of budget?)
-Print quality is excellent given the price.
-Size: Diameter = 8cm, Height = 9.5cm

Malaysia: RM 30

About Hankit Mok
I live to tell stories. Sometimes, I get paid for them.

7 Responses to Domino’s Pizza – Unofficial Printed Mug

  1. Justin says:

    hey just wanna ask…are you a MALAYSIAN…i saw some of the post consist of malaysian ringgit..=] ? if you’re then its super cool… alot of those limited items looks tasty..!..

  2. Justin says:

    woo..this is awesome!… good good
    er..i live in KL setapak…you..? and do you do pickups .?=]

  3. remy says:

    is it mystar sell online?

  4. remy says:

    if mystar got online…can u give the link..

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