So Nyuh Shi Dae Nametags with Photos

Release Date: It is unknown when the first batch was created. However, every few months, the manufacturer will make a new production run with new and updated photos.

Manufacturer: Unknown, but it is a company in Korea.

-Names are in Hangul
-Photo takes up 2cm of total length of nametag
-Photo and name is actually a High Quality print stuck onto a plastic base
-Size: 7cm x 2.5cm

Malaysia: RM 8.90 (Mystar)

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I live to tell stories. Sometimes, I get paid for them.

3 Responses to So Nyuh Shi Dae Nametags with Photos

  1. HY says:

    Hi, do you ship these nametags from malaysia since it’s stated that it’s in Malaysia? To Singapore.

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      Hi HY,
      SoshiCat’s a cataloguing site solely, so none’s for sale =)
      Neither Comics Connection nor the known sgblogstores are selling this variant of nametags, to the best of my awareness. But John@SoshiGoods accepts requests for some Korean unofficial products on occasions, when he has the time, that is.
      Though do check with Comics to be doubly sure =)

  2. Uhm can I buy ?

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