1st Photobook – Girl in Tokyo (Photobook + DVD)

Update [021211]: Reprint scheduled for 22rd December 2011! Links to order are up. 

Release Date: June 7, 2010

Reprint Date: December 22, 2011

Publisher: SM Entertainment

Out of print SM Entertainment has decided to reprint the photobooks
-Distributed by Everysing Store
-Photobook size: 33cm x 23.5cm
-Box case size: 38.5cm x 29.3cm x 5.1cm
-354 pages
-DVD: English Subtitle, 69 minutes, ALL REGION CODE

Price: USD ~$45-$250

First Press Edition:
USD $99.99/free shipping @ http://www.yesasia.com
USD $48/$35 shipping @ http://www.soshigoods.com
USD $47.065/$47.76 shipping @www.dvdheaven.com
USD $46 @  shopping.avex.com.tw

USD $68.99/free shipping @ music-picture
USD $48.84/$44.90 shipping @ aritaum9
USD $49.99/$19.99 shipping @ master-bestshopkorea

[When altered]
USD $238/$19.99 shipping @ happybuykorea
USD $249/$19.90 shipping @ uniqueurlife

*prices exclude shipping
YesAsia: USD $94.99
GMarket: ₩46,000

USD $52.99/$45.00 shipping @ grapemusiccd
USD $83.90/$38.90 shipping @ kpopplus (+ 1 pair of SNSD socks)
USD $69.00/$37.50 shipping @ luckydelivering

Exclusive: soshicatalogue photobook review!

Source: grapemusiccd@eBay (reprint information)
Image Credits: as tagged

Some Rights Reserved. This work is licensed under

42 Responses to 1st Photobook – Girl in Tokyo (Photobook + DVD)

  1. TypicalSONE says:

    Is it still in stock from SM?

  2. Davin says:

    Hi, erm what blogs?

  3. Davin says:

    Hi I’m selling that with DVD do email me d.online97@gmail.com

  4. Amy says:

    Does anyone know if anywhere still sells this photobook in new condition? :[
    I realllllllllllly want it

  5. Amy says:

    I found some for cheaper on sgwave, but its the taiwan version. is the taiwan version any different?

    • iced_tea says:

      there is no taiwan version for the 1st Photobook – Girl in Tokyo (Photobook + DVD). we advise you to check with the seller.
      to clarify, Avex (Taiwan) was given the rights to sell the photobook. they added 2 folders with the photobook but it is still the Korean version.

      EDIT: actually would you be able to provide us with a link to this? we would like to check ^^

  6. poopbrick says:

    I was wondering if anyone heard news of a re-release of the 1st Tokyo photobook.

    I found a listing on ebay which stated that it’s being re-released on Dec 25, 2011.


  7. sgsoshi says:

    Hi, i am selling it.
    Based in singapore. Do email me @ sgsoshi@hotmail.sg or visit my web

  8. Taeyeon rocks! says:

    Price: USD ~$45-$250 ??
    Why the big price range?

    • darkrad says:

      The photobook was initially released in July last year, in that time the resale value of the photobook increased to $250 based on what we’ve seen. Since SM is reprinting the photobook, the price will come back down to the $40-$100 range.

  9. oorum says:

    Hmm… I saw my friend’s copy when it was printed out the first time.
    I just don’t know… they WERE nice pictures, but I prefer MOAR pictures over HUGE sprawling pictures.
    What do people who own it say?
    (I -am- a fan of the girls, but if I -was- to get a photobook, I would really prefer getting one that is just…aesthetically pleasing even years after. Y’know… as a photobook in general.)

  10. carcaroth says:

    To staff: the photobook review link does not work, please fix this for us, fans, have a deeper insight of the product, thanks 🙂

  11. oorum says:

    @carcaroth: Meanwhile, feel free to manually find the review on the tabs. Although I agree the staff should just change the links…

    But anyway, can you believe it, the pre-order is freaking sold out on YesAsia. Already.

  12. OMG!! Reprint ^^
    i will buy later *-* i’m very happy

  13. carcaroth says:

    Went to GMarke to order it, never bought there before, hopefully no problems will happen (apart from Customs, maybe >_<)

  14. oorum says:

    Woww you brave girl (guy?)! I just went on eBay to do it.
    But then again maybe it’s a good thing I don’t know how to properly navigate and buy off gmarket. I would have a spending spree which I should not have >_>

  15. Lawliet says:

    So when can we pre-order for the reprint??

  16. oorum says:

    @Lawliet: The pre-order period from YA has already passed (unless they are going to restock.)
    I bought mine from eBay. You can also buy it from the gmarket link in the article?

    Can’t wait ’til it ships *____*

  17. Stacie says:

    For SG sones, i found a blogshop selling the Reprint photobook for SG$60 incl. shipping price. They are preordering cheap cuz they not doing it for profit, but to kill their December Holidays boredom:) The website: http://www.kwave-eternity.blogspot.com/
    They seem very friendly when u bought from them my albums and calendar too:D ordering details can be found on their blog too:)

    • Cheryl says:

      thanks so much! I was finding for a website that’s preordering the Tokyo photobook but all of them closed already. 😦

  18. snsd addict says:

    the reprint is still expensive?
    maybe I’ll try and see if my friend in japan can find it in kpop stores. those shipping charges kill you!

  19. Rebecca says:

    Omo…it’s huge! My reprint just arrived from grape today (I pre-ordered and I’m in the UK, so under two weeks from Korea is pretty good going). I’ve been wanting this for so long but could never afford the rare old copies. Yay 🙂

  20. af1993 says:

    huhu..i received my packaged..but the box is a little bit damaged..thank god the photobook is okay

  21. carcaroth says:

    Same here, the box is damaged in a corner inside, but photobook is fine. This book is really big!

    • my box was damaged too! ): the corners were torn, i guess the book pressed against it through all the shipping. i’m really protective of my soshi goods so i was pretty upset. but i guess that happens when the photobook is so big and heavy!

  22. hazmatt_05 says:

    I just got mine today and it is totally worth it. Probably their best photobook, I also have their Phuket and Holiday ones and this one is so much better IMO!!! It’s just so massive I had a real hard time carrying it back from the post office it was so heavy!!! Definitely worth the $85AUD I paid for it. My box was a bit damaged on the inside too, but I suppose that’s what you get when you send a 3kg book to the other side of the world!!! I still love it to bits though!!!

  23. SNSDDutchie says:

    I just ordered my copy from a trusted ebay seller! I can’t believe how heavy it is, approx 3,2 kg according to the seller’s information. Really looking forward to receive it! Does anybody know what is actually on the enclosed DVD? Kind regards from a Dutch Sone!!!!!

  24. SNSD4ever says:

    Hi,I was wondering,is the Photobook in hard cover?Or soft cover?
    I ordered mine from someone and the person just texted me to say that it has arrived.
    She told me that it was a soft covered photobook and she said that it might be the Taiwan Version or something.After reading the above comments,it seemed as though there isn’t any Taiwan Version.

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