1st Single – Into The New World Promo Poster

Release Date: August 2007

Publisher: SM Entertainment

-Promotional poster for 1st single – Into The New World
-Very rare, out of print
-Printed on matte paper
-Image quality is not very good. The outline of the characters ‘소녀시대’ are pixellated.
-Size: 66cm x 52cm

Price: USD $40~$155

USD $129.99/$6.40 shipping @ jace0337
USD $82.00/$7.70 shipping @ happybuykorea (listing has ended)
USD $60.00/$5.00 shipping @ go-forture (listing has ended)
USD $95.00/$5.00 shipping @ go-forture (listing has ended)
USD $84.65~$145/$6.90 shipping @ uniqueurlife (listing has ended)

Price when altered: USD $200~300

About Hankit Mok
I live to tell stories. Sometimes, I get paid for them.

5 Responses to 1st Single – Into The New World Promo Poster

  1. SG913 says:

    Hey! Just wondering wether i can still buy this from you?? thnx…

  2. SG913 says:

    whoaw!!! Where else cn i get it a little cheaper? Smwhere below a $100?

    • ofpuddingsncucumbers says:

      gmarket, if it’s your cup of tea? It bypasses resellers, so the cost’s reduced. We’re not monitoring gmarket’s listings at the present moment, so we aren’t certain if the poster’s presently listed. Though, do understand that eBay resellers and KSones frequent gmarket regularly as well.

      The other blogshops that we personally keep track of all this while, none has been seen to list a poster of this pedigree, so blogshops aint really an option.

      Still, there’re always gems awaiting discovery – forums/portals like soompi where traffic congregates. Testaments of good bargains found at such sites are not unheard of.

      A concluding comment about eBay prices: 2 scenarios we’ve seen it dipping below $100 – when the poster’s in ‘Used’ condition, and when it’s listed as a bid item; you could very well luck out(:

    • tiff says:

      You can also contact the sellers on ebay to try to bargain. Good luck ^^

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