RoomMate Mini Album

Release Date: April 7, 2008

Label: SM Entertainment

Catalogue #: SMDSCD065

-“Big Bad Brother (Oppa Nappa)” (Track 6), is a collaboration with Jessica, Tiffany, and Seo Hyun from Girls’ Generation.
-Packaging is actually brown cardboard so the colour is not as vivid as the picture shown above.

Language: Korean

USD $10.99/free shipping @
USD $11/$5.00 shipping @

USD $12.99/$5.99 shipping @ dragon-music

Price when altered:

01 . 너는 따뜻해 You’re Warm (서연 Seo Yeon)
02 . 판타지 Fantasy (퍼플로지&낯선 Purple Rosy & Nassun)
03 . 있잖아 나말야(명인희 of THE THE&강균성)
04 . 새로고침F5:너는 따뜻해
05 . 너의 판타지속에
06 . 오빠 나빠 Oppa Nappa (제시카&티파니&서현 of 소녀시대 Jessica, Tiffany & Seohyun of SNSD)

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