1st Anniversary Contest! – FAQ

As our 1st Anniversary Contests get underway, there have been many questions about how to participate in them. We’ll post more detailed answers to a few of the more frequently asked questions here; and address some important points to help you guys avoid any disappointment in these contests.

Q. How do I register for the contests? Do I have to post a comment for each contest; or every time I submit a form?
You can register for the 1st Anniversary Contests by just posting a comment on the page here: https://soshicatalogue.wordpress.com/2011/04/29/1st-anniversary-contest/
One comment is enough to get you registered for the entire contest period. That one comment also registers you for both contests; and you do not need to comment for registration every time you want to submit a form.
It is important that you do register, and with a unique username, as the username’s you use here are what we’re gonna be keeping the information organised and fair.

At the moment, a WordPress account is not necessary but it is highly recommended.

Q. I’m confused. What do I put in the Twitter Picture/Tweet Link part of the form for the Scavenger Hunt?
The Twitter Picture/Tweet Link part of the form, is where you put the link of the picture we post on twitter. We use this information to confirm that the catalogue post that you link us to is the right one(s) for the picture we released.

The Twitter Picture/Tweet Link could be like this MR. TAXI cover: https://soshicatalogue.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/3rdjpnsinglemrtaxi32.jpg?w=630&h=443
Or it could be the link to the tweet that contains the link to the picture. Either one is accepted.

Putting the name of the item however, is not accepted.

Q. So what about the SoshiCatalogue Entry part?
The SoshiCatalogue Entry is the catalogue post that we have written for the item. Bear in mind that we release pictures based on the posts we’ve already written, so everything is there and is able to be found. We’re also looking for links that are directly related to the item, so for the MR. TAXI cover above:
We want this link: https://soshicatalogue.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/3rd-japanese-single-mr-taxi-run-devil-run/
and definitely not the link to the Anniversary Contest page https://soshicatalogue.wordpress.com/2011/04/29/1st-anniversary-contest/

Also, review posts are not counted as correct answers.

Q. I’ve clicked the link, and when I got to the site, I saw there were a set of pictures that say “scavengerhunt#” or “#scavengerhunt”, are these part of the Scavenger Hunt?
Some of the links we’ve posted so far look like this: https://soshicatalogue.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=12920. These direct you to our site, there are a bunch of pictures in a gallery. Clicking on the picture will only move you through the gallery, and not all pictures there are part of the Scavenger Hunt.

The only ones that are part of the contests, are the links we post directly on twitter. So for http://soshicatalogue.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=12920, whatever picture you see that’s in the middle of the page, inside the light grey box… that’s the picture we want you to find a post for.

Q. How do I win the Scavenger Hunt?!?!
Currently, the winner is the first one who has the most correct posts. Make your submission count, do it as soon as possible after our tweet =D.

Q. How many pictures are you going to tweet each day for the Scavenger Hunt?
We will be tweeting between 4 and 10 pics a day.

Q. I used to be able to submit multiple catalogue posts with one form for each picture. What happened?
Multi-line submissions were making it a little hard to shift through. If you’ve already submitted, don’t worry, we’ll fix it up on our end, no need to resubmit what you’ve already done.

Q. What if we find that the picture tweeted is used in more than one post? Or what if we think we submitted the wrong post?
You can submit how every many entries that you feel are suitable for the picture we tweeted. If you’re worried, just submit a new form with your new answer. See the next question about incorrect submissions.

Q. Will we lose point for incorrect submissions for the Scavenger Hunt?
No, you will not. There is no negative point system. Winner will be the contestant with the most correct submissions. If one of your submissions is wrong we will simply not count it.

Q. I didn’t register for the contests when they were first announced. Can I still enter?
Yes you can. In particular, you can enter in the Scavenger Hunt at any time as long as it is before the deadline (8th May 2011, 11:59:59PM KST). You do not have to find every single photo we’ve tweeted so far. However, evidently you will have a higher chance of winning if you attempt to find every single photo. Remember, winner is based on the contestant with the most number of correct posts.

If you are still unsure of anything please leave a comment, or send us a message through twitter.


Obviously as more of you participate, the amount of submissions increases dramatically. There have been some minor niggles that we’ve detect when going through a few of the submissions for the Scavenger Hunt. Whilst these may seem nitpicky, with the number of submissions we’ve got, it’s hard to manually go through all of them (450 and counting) so when we run these through a computer, it may invalidate your submission (ie doesn’t got counted).

1. Make sure that when you enter the details in the form, that there is no space in front of each field. The same holds for any extra spaces after the entry.
So instead of ” blah” or “blah “, make sure it’s “blah”.
2. Take care when entering your username! Remember that this is what identifies you for the contests.
3. Submit the link exactly as we posted on twitter.
While we do take care to make sure we cover all our bases, sometimes stuff is missed. So having the same link makes it a lot easier for us to track.

Date Published: 3rd May 2011
Date Last Updated: 5th  May 2011

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